100 shades of greys

House music has been around for a while, for over 25 years to be exact. Therefore it has many forms, but the foundation for it remains the same, with a combination of a kick, snare, hi-hat and bass. That basis we understand all too well, after all, we were at the forefront when house emerged and have since helped everyone to make its acquaintance.

100 Shades Of Greys maintains the classic basis for this type of music, but you will also find them creating new music based on real house back, kick, snare, hi-hat and bass. We do this by closely monitoring what's new and integrate it to our more than extensive record collection. That combination, experience, skill, knowledge and feel makes for an exciting and versatile travel along many facets of what real house music, a journey we make together.

100 Shades Of Greys (Juan Barros & Mike Costez)

"The collaboration of Juan Barros and Mike Costez results in a quest for the deeper than deep house music."