charles gone rogue 

As you would expect I have, just like any other artist you would ask, spent most of my life searching for and creating electronic music. Its not a surprise that this is one of the most frequent statements made in the industry, because after all: Music is what our emotions sound like. Yet I always felt there were too many reasons not to pursue it, too many insecurities. I believe that music enables people to get in touch with emotions they don’t usually feel everyday, and therefore I see it as my mission to give you a true experience with my music. Music that plays around with energy, emotion and synergy among all people present. I have spent a fair share of my time at parties, always searching for that specific deep sound that somehow whispers there is more to it than what you would initially
expect. I have come to realise that this sound is extremely rare in the Amsterdam party scene. And even if that rare opportunity presented itself in the form of one isolated track often the vibe didn't push through. For me it is crucial that every track has context ­ the tracks that come before and after are just as important as the track itself. This frustration only added to the obvious choice I was confronted with not too long ago, a choice that felt like a final billboard on the side of my road. Would I bring my music to a professional level, or would I move on? I guess its obvious what I decided to go for ­ I want to take you on that journey I promised earlier, are you in?

'Every track should have context. Music should play around with energy, emotion and synergy among all people present, because after all, music is what our emotions sound like.'