Some examples of stages that would work well with the FYM vibe

Design a stage contest Guides

Start date: February 10, 2016
Deadline: March 10, 2016

The stages should be small, simple, inviting and creatively designed with lights and either a woodsy or beach vibe.

The designer should include a list of what the cost requirements would be to fully build the sage as well as all of the materials needed.

The stage should be very artistic! Some things to keep in mind are: street art, bright colors, light energy, positive vibes, beach, woods, outdoors feeling.

For the stages and the overall feel of the festival we want to really include all of the elements that are present on the terrain.  

That being said, the outdoors is one of the main factors.  Trees, woods, and grass surround the terrain.  We want people to feel like they can get lost in the woods, wander through the grass and be surrounded by lots of green and nature. 

In addition, one side completely borders the Rijn River and sand takes over majority of the walking grounds.  We want to give the experience that people are roaming beaches.  A very relaxed, beach like, Tiki feel should be very present when designing the environment.   

Furthermore, there is the industrial aspect of John Frost Bridge, where the main stage will be placed for lots of people to dance around and explore the more industrial side of the festival.  

Overall, the bridge, all of the outdoors and the river should give festivalgoers a fun, exploring, chill, woodsy, beach atmosphere.  People should feel like they can get lost in the woods, immersed in nature, play by the sand and water and dance under the bridge.  

Life and freedom are our main concepts.