some frequently asked questions


The Free Your Mind team has summarized and answered the most common questions in our FAQ.  Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact: info@freeyourmindfestival.nl  


Where does FYM take place?

-In Stadsblokken, Arnhem


Are there lockers at FYM?

Yes, there are!


Where can I get more information?

You can find all current information here on our website, Facebook page:        https://www.facebook.com/freeyourmindfestival/  or contact info@freeyourmindfestival.nl


Can we stay dry if it rains?

Yes, there will be tents. We are prepared for rain or shine!


Where can I park?

Traffic Support will direct the public to a meadow field nearby.
 600 max car parking spots available.  


Where can I buy tickets?

 -Issues with tickets- please contact: support@ticketscript.nl.


Is there an age limit?

-You must be 18 years or older to enter the event


Can I bring drinks/food?

-No outside drinks or food may be brought into the site.  There will be a great variety of drink and food trucks available inside the event!


What happens in bad weather?

-Unless it’s a major thunderstorm we continue the party!


Can I go swimming?    

-No, sorry!


Can I bring pets?

-No pets allowed inside the event


What are the hours of the event?

-The event starts at noon 13:00 pm and ends at midnight 12:00 am


Can I leave and re-enter the site?

     -Not unless you have permission.


Are there travel options?

    -You bet! Join the party before the festival starts by signing up for one of our buses that leave from all different regions of the Netherlands.  Secure your spot now through : Party-vervoer.nl 


Can I pass out flyers/ promotional stuff inside? Outside?

-No just enjoy the event. But thanks for asking.