2016: Pivotal releases on Richie Hawtin’s Minus, Ali Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, John Digweed’s Bedrock and 2000andOne’s Bitten have led to four years white knuckle riding techno’s global rollercoaster making friends at the most respected techno HQs; Crobar, Buenos Aires, Output, New York City, Showcase, Paris, Lantern Beijing and festivals such as Timewarp, Awakenings, Family Park and Metropolis. Each live performance securing Joop’s position in the techno premiership, each heavily-supported release helping him find his own sound, his own ideology, his own technique… His own space.

It’s this improbable environment where he finds himself right now. Sharp shards of light thrust through the small rung windows and bounce off the stark white stucco walls, illuminating obtuse fragments of the iconic imagery. They cut through the dust of a century of prayers. In the background, a distant hum of electricity, anxiety and history echoes. In the foreground sits Joop, surrounded by his instruments. Rich, precision-conjured sounds and industrial strength experiments bounce around the room impractically. The mixdown and details will happen later, what’s important right now the isolation, the peace, the drive to create something unique, fulfilling and true to him. It’s here, in The House Of God, he finds tranquillity and space to define something that is wholly his own.

At night I remember my music; I meditate in my heart, and my spirit ponders (Psalm 77:6)

Bowing at the altar of creativity, Joop offers praise. He gives thanks to the beauty of imperfection. He gives thanks to the eerie, slightly uncomfortable solitude of his newfound environment. No distractions. No people. No sinful temptations: Just in-the-moment music, flowing exclusively with mood, begetting trend, style or hype.
This is far from what Joop imagined when he was first surged under the spotlight. But The House Of God is where he has found solace… Where the future happens and where Joop Junior will write the next chapter of his whirlwind career-so-far. Ultimately, it’s where Joop belongs.

Do not confuse this new dawn with cultship. Joop is only the curator of a creative force and coincidences beyond his designs, imagination or control. He is genuinely unsure how he’s even found himself in this location and position, but forces have led him here… So it is here where he’ll remain and deliver his most unique sonic sermons to date through his label The House Of God.

Understanding that no man is an island, over time Joop will also invite friends, peers and contemporaries to give thanks. Thanks for creation, thanks for isolation, thanks for the boundary-free realms of electronic innovation… Thanks to you for listening.

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