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After various successful years, Free Your Mind festival returns on June 3rd to celebrate its 14th year anniversary with revelers that we share this wonderful experience with each year.   With a musically acclaimed line up headlined by: Sven Vath, Len Faki, Blawan, Dax J, DVS1, Andhim, Eats Everything, Route 94 and many more! 

Music lovers and festivalgoers gather in Stadsblokken, Arnhem to enjoy the best in underground, techno and house. Making the event extra special is the unique grounds on which it takes place on. The terrain represents the perfect setting for a combination of enchanted massive outdoor woods and a beach vacation; immerse yourself in nature, explore the woods and roam the beaches that are surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful Rijn River.  Furthermore, there is the industrial aspect of the John Frost Bridge, where one of the stages will be placed for thousands of people to wander and dance around. Relish in the combination of music, cuisine, beverages, arts and plenty more!

With blind and early bird tickets being sold out in record time, we are now on our regular ticket phase. Group tickets have been added for an opportunity to gather some friends and uniting in this blissful musically applauded celebration. Tickets can be bought from

About Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind is one of the first and most renowned festivals in The Netherlands.  In the last edition of the festival we successfully changed direction and are the fastest growing underground festival in the East. A truly unique festival, perpetuated by a community where thousands of festivalgoers join us to celebrate and express their love for music, art, life, and freedom. All whilst being surrounded by a whimsical forest and a serene beach, fused with the industrialized historical John Frost Bridge. Come free your mind. We can’t wait to see you all there!


Free Your Mind Festival 2017

June 3, 2017

12:00 – 00:00

Stadsblokken, Arnhem, Netherlands  


Free Your Mind Lineup

Andhim ✧ Benny Rodrigues ✧ Blawan B2B DJ Pete ✧ Dax J ✧ De Sluwe Vos ✧  DVS1 ✧ Eats Everything ✧ Franky Rizardo ✧ Fur Coat✧ Ilario Alicante ✧ Len Faki ✧ Michael Mayer✧ Noir ✧ Oliver Schories✧ Paula Temple✧ Pig&Dan ✧ Reinier Zonneveld Live ✧ Route 94 ✧ Stranger✧ Sven Väth ✧Technasia ✧ wAFF✧ Wankelmut


Abstract Division ✧ ANOTR ✧ Blackfox ✧ Christ Stussy ✧ CO-OP Aka Remy Unger + Joop JuniorDaniel Williamsen ✧ Davy BrandtsDonovan Rivera ✧  Ferro ✧ Geofferson ✧ Georgio weisJasper Jasmes ✧ Judah Darenville ✧Karim Soliman b2b Rowen Clark ✧ Loco Dave ✧ Luuk Van Dijk ✧ Manuel Londa✧ Miss MeleraNajel Monteiro ✧ Park & Sons ✧ Patski ✧ Reza Athar   ✧ Rowan Pierot✧ Samuel Deep ✧ Tierap ✧ Warren Fellow b2b Sandeep



Blind birds: €23 (sold out)

Early birds: €28 (sold out)

Regular: €40

Late: €48

Group tickets

5 people: €35 p.p.

10 people: €33 p.p.   #freeyourmindfestival

Press contact or inquiries:


Win tickets + Blind bird tickets on sale soon!

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It’s that time of the year again!  Christmas is upon us; New Years’ around the corner and blind bird tickets are about to go on sale!  Don’t miss out- get them while they last
Tuesday November 22nd  at 12:00 pm.

Last year tickets sold out within hours, so be quick and bring a little summer to your Christmas! See you Saturday, June 3rd 2017 where we will be celebrating the 14th edition of Free Your Mind Festival in Arnhem. 

Save the date and attend our Facebook event for the chance to win 2 tickets!
Winners will be announced Monday, November 28.

Day-On Festival at ADE

History is being made during ADE 2016, be a part of it and come join us.  For the first time, five organizations from different parts of Europe combine forces to bring you an incredible event sure to create undeniable magic. 

Free Your Mind Festival, in conjunction with Edit Festival, Schwung, ParadigmSHIFT and BLAKKSHEEP_world wild artists proudly present you a full day event with high quality house and techno.

Thousands of music lovers will gather at Stadspodium in Amsterdam on Saturday, October 22nd to rejoice in a place, in which music and euphoria displace all sense of time.  Day-On offers music enthusiasts a playground to explore, discover and enjoy the best acts of ADE.  

So come join us for a full day of the best music, great vibes and wonderful people.

full lineup.jpg

20 Years Cocoon at ADE

During the week of ADE, PollerWiesen and Free Your Mind will present 20 years of Cocoon. 

Label boss Sven Väth will be headlining the Cocoon stage with more artists to be announced soon. With this being said we proudly present a day of techno and house. 

Sven Väth launched his career in electronic music over 30 years ago. He then had a vision to fuse art with club life, creating a musical success that Cocoon is today, celebrating its 20th birthday this year. 

PollerWiesen is one of the first outdoor techno events in Germany, making it along with Free Your Mind Festival, one of the oldest and fastest growing events in their region. 

As a day event, 20 years Cocoon at ADE, gives you the perfect chance to explore both the night and day during this years ADE. There will be indoor stages and outdoor activities in hopes of feeding all your cravings. With the unbeatable music, Cocoon parties are always something special, creating undeniable magic. 

Are you ready to celebrate their 20th birthday? 
This place is catered for you.



Judah Darenville & Georgio Star Promo Mix

We are so happy to welcome back the dynamic duo, Georgio Star and Judah Darenville. You might know them under the name Slordig. They played an incredible closing set at Free Your Mind last year and got rated the best set by Guestzone.

This being said, we wanted to get to know them a bit better, so we sought out to interview them. They also made a kick ass promo mix for Free Your Mind. We can't get enough of it!

Check out their interview and promo mix... ENJOY!

Q. If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be and why?

Georgio: 1969, Release of Led Zeppelin II album. Would have loved to see them perform live.

Judah: One year’s music scene,.. I think it would be somewhere around early 80’s and 90’s. Heard all those great stories about all those legendary parties and stuff, would love to have seen it.

Q. Biggest musical influences when you were first getting started?

Georgio: Too much to mention, from Miles Davis to Led Zeppelin to Timbaland to Masters At Work and much more in between

Judah: Same here, it’s too much to tell.

Q. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Georgio: Oxia – Domino is definitely one of my favorites. Still gives me goosebumps. I never know if I have to smile or cry with that track.

Judah: While Georgio still figures out whether to cry or to smile, I definitely smile while playing Oxia – Domino, it’s also one of my favourites! But that one track,..  I don’t know, a track I play a lot lately is Wax – 30003 B, it’s groovy, sexy and on-going but at the same time dark and nasty, really like it and it fits multiple atmospheres”. 

Q. If you didn’t become a DJ, what do you think you would be doing?

Georgio: I probably do something with events or marketing.

Judah: The same goes for me, big change we would be working together. 

Q.  Do you have a preference in regards to playing at festivals, clubs or parties? And why?

Georgio: I prefer party’s at special locations, big or small, like old factory’s, abandoned warehouses or tunnels, but when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, I don’t mind playing at a nice festival either ;).

Judah: All those three options have something special in their own way, but if I’d have to choose I would go for the festivals in combination with the parties at secret locations. Few weeks back we played together at an abandoned building in Utrecht and it was bizarre, they had a huge sound-system and people stayed until 9 in the morning just to dance and go all out!

Q. What are you working on this year? Any future plans we can know about?

Georgio: I just signed a new EP to a dope label from the UK and I’m working on an album. I’ve almost finished 6 tracks so it’s on his way.

Judah: Besides graduating for my study I’m also working on new music and there is a lot of new music coming soon! 

Q. What are you most looking forward to in regards to playing at FYM?

Georgio: I LOVE playing at Free Your Mind Festival. I’m born and raised in Arnhem so it’s always nice to come back to this city and see all of my friends and family. Last year was my debut, also b2b with Judah, and we received the best set of the day by Guestzone. So that was a pretty nice first time! Really looking forward to get back in that vibe again!

Judah: Exactly the same as Georgio said, we’re both raised in Arnhem so playing at the festivals has something special, it’s a home match. We’re also proud to have the honour of playing on one of the bigger stages on the festival so can’t wait! 

Q. You guys played last year at FYM how was it? Favorite part about it?

Georgio: Last year was insane. We had to close the Kornuit Stage and it wasn’t that crowded when we started, so it could go either way. I was actually a bit nervous, but after 20/30 min after we started it started to get more crowded. We played "Oxia - Domino” when the energy and vibe was just right and I had goosebumps from my head to my toes. 

Judah: Last year was amazing, we closed the kornuit stage, one of the smaller intimate stages, and the vibe was amazing. As Georgio said; we were quite nervous because it wasn’t that crowded but in the end it was full and people stayed until the end. Favorite part was when we played Oxia – Domino, people started screaming and shouting and jumping, it was insane! It’s amazing when you have some kind of unity with the crowd and it just works out just as you have in mind. We also almost didn’t talk during that set, just a quick look at each other was enough. 

Q. The other artists on the stage that you guys will be playing at are:
Chris Stussy
Wouter S
Kenny Dope
Miss Melera

Judah: so it’s done?
Georgio: yeah it’s over, just as your music hahaha
Judah: Hahaha, this is how it goes when you play together with your best friend, see you guys the 4th of June!

We can't wait, see you guys then! 

Daniel Williamsen Promo Mix

Daniel van den Berg, better known as Daniel Williamsen, is an 24 year old DJ, producer and event organisator from Arnhem. Known from his own events HuisHouden and Reliëf, this youngster is going through the country DJ-ing in all sorts of underground clubs. Studio 80, Westergasfabriek, Panama and Factory 010 to name a few. His sound is better described as a warm bath full of groovy and soulful deephouse with influences hailing from Chicago, New York and the UK-Bass and Garage scene. “There needs to be a solid connection between the audience and the DJ. Like a harmony, like a feeling. When that connection is there and in sync, the magic follows. Something you need to experience to understand it.”

Check out this amazing promo mix Daniel made for Free Your Mind and relish in its awesomeness! 

ANOTR Promo Mix

Still in their early twenties, Amsterdam duo Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney are all about “energetic, hard hitting, straight to the point techykind-of house” – just the sort of advertisement that the Amsterdam Dance Event and Ibiza’s Amnesia have lapped up, and sure to trigger a busy global schedule. “As long as the music feels right, we make it.” 

That being said, we are very excited for the promo mix they made for Free Your Mind.

Be sure to check it out...


Karim Soliman Promo Mix

Karim Soliman creates music with a great blend of traditional Chicago house with influences of the moder day (deep) tech-house.  He wont the Michel de Hey's contest in his home town of Rotterdam in 2011.  Furthermore, he has created the Give Soul event organization and has played in clubs like Toffler, Perron, Massilo, AIR, Whoosah Scheveningen and events like Pleinvrees, Toffler Festival, and Boothstock Festival alongside DJ's like MK, Benny Rodrigues Ben Sims, Kolsch and many more.  We can't wait to have him at Free Your Mind!  

Don't forget to check out his awesome promo mix and enjoy!



Geknaekt at Free Your Mind

We are so thrilled to reveal that Geknaekt will be hosting a stage at this year’s edition of Free Your Mind!

Knaek is an organization meant for students to have great discounts.  Being that they are so successful with a large following they decided to give back to their community and started Geknaekt. Geknaekt is an organization that creates a great party each year with killer DJ’s and an amazing atmosphere.

Seeing their previous years success we can’t wait to see what they have in store this year at Free Your Mind.  So excited to have them on board!

Who is with us?

Luxor Live at Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind is delighted to announce that Luxor Live will be hosting a stage for this year’s 13th edition of the festival.

Luxor Live is the Arnhem music venue where both large numbers of concerts and events are being held. Luxor Night Live is their platform for electronic nightlife, giving oppurtunities to (local) talent and provide a playground for established names. They have a stunning list of partners. Concepts are either based in-house or at other sites with hostings and special projects. They keep growing and spreading their roots in Arnhem clubbing scene. 

Last year they hosted Free Your Mind’s after party, which was more than successful.
With the turn out of last years after party being so great, we can’t wait to see how this stage will turn out!



Marco Faraone Q&A

We are so pleased to announce that Marco Faraone will be joining us for this years edition of Free Your Mind festival.  In light of this, we thought we would give you guys the chance to get to know him a little bit better, so we sought out to ask him some awesome questions. Check out his answers below:

Q. If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be and why?                                                                                                       A. I would say the '90's... I am 27 so unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to really discover and live in those years. I heard it was the explosion of everything, discography selling and parties everyday in clubs that used to be open 7 days a week.

Q. Biggest musical influences when you were first getting started?             A. I started with hip hop and drum'n'bass and after a few years I moved on into house then techno. Biggest influences? For ‘house’ I would say (maw-masters at work). Techno: Laurent Garnier as a DJ and Robert Hood as a producer.

Q. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
A. Nathan Fake - The sky was pink (James Holden remix)

Q. If you didn’t become a DJ, what do you think you would be doing?
A. I would open a restaurant.. Proper Italians know and love food :) don’t you think?

Q. Do you have a preference in regards to playing at festivals, clubs or parties? And why?
A. I really love to play in both situations. At festivals I can express the "groove side" of myself. In clubs I really take care of the atmosphere, trying to create a wave, a more intimate journey. In the end I think a Dj needs both to really express himself.

Q. What are you working on this year? Any future plans we can know about?
A. I am very excited to release my second ‘EP’ on legendary Adam Beyer's label Drumcode. My new “Climax" ep will be out on March 14th. After that I’ve signed a new ‘EP’ on Josh Wink's label Ovum and a remix of the timeless track "Doppelwhipper" from Gabriel Ananda. It’s one of the masterpieces of the last 10 years and it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to remix that tune after playing it for years! There’s also more news coming from my label UNCAGE. The first two releases off the label have had big support from many Dj’s from the scene.

Be sure to check out Marco on June 4th at Free Your Mind.  We can't wait to have him!