Talking to Mathias Kaden: 2015 interview

Interview by Steve Rickinson - Deep House Amsterdam

Whether it is opening, peak hour or afterparty, Mathias Kaden’s intuition for a crowd and location, proves time and time again that he lives for his profession.

Mathias’ music is both, distinctly ambitious and refreshing. Inspired by the House music sounds of the 1990s, he works thoroughly to create new audio structures by utilising funky, freaky, dashing, dub, slamming sound features, enriched by African and South American percussions. The result is an enjoyable rhythm, which communicates with its audience in a very particular and playful way.

DJing and the production of electronic music have been Mathias’ occupation for 13 years now. With his approach to creativity, Mathias is one who refuses to over saturate the market with his own work. Rather, the necessity to make records that will remain long lasting is one of his guiding motifs. Together with Marek Hemman, Mathias released 4 ep’s on the label Freude am Tanzen and 4 of his own on Vakant. Amongst others, he has also remixed the likes of Matthias Tanzmann, Onur Özer, Dapayk, Anja Schneider, Daniel Stefanik and Trentemöller.

We caught up with Mathias ahead of his 6 June performance at Free Your Mind Festival.

What events do you have lined up on Ibiza?
I am playing again for Cocoon like past years.  This year I will also start to play for Sankeys, and Row 14 at Space.

Since you have played Cocoon year after year, can you give us an idea of the atmosphere of that party?
I like it a lot! It has been 5 years now for me.  For an artist, it is something very special to play Cocoon at Amnesia. The first two years were always perfect.  The last 2 years you may sometimes have a party with less people, keeping in mind the terrace still holds 5K.

I think this was good for Cocoon because people had space to dance, and also because the party had a lot of locals.  They would work all week and go out on Monday’s to Cocoon.  I am looking forward to every party in Ibiza but Cocoon is something very special, especially as a German DJ.

In the Netherlands, there's a festival (or two or three) each weekend.  As an artist, do you have a selection process when approached by festivals?
About 3 years ago I did start to select the festivals.  I would get a lot of requests from new festivals that were maybe 1 or 2 years old.  We started to look at who the promoter is; which acts were being booked; how many floors and so on. Sometimes, they will pay 2x your fee, which shows that the event may want to grow too fast and they don’t really know how to do it.  If you play, you may get a lot of money but there will be technical issues or something like that going on.

In Holland, 2 years ago I may have lost a bit of the feeling as everyday there are like 4 festivals going on. I used to play Awakenings as they really put trust in what I was doing.  Now, I always play for Volt Festival and Free Your Mind.

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