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Free Your Mind is an organisation which finds comfort in the dreamers amongst us. Being one of the first and most established dance festivals in The Netherlands we remain to innovate and push the limits. The Dutch certainly have more to offer than just the area of Amsterdam and we continue to prove this by still being the fastest growing underground festival in the east. After a wonderful 15 year anniversary organizing multiple events throughout last year, it’s time for our annual festival in Arnhem again and more!


Continuing the tradition is a must, and yearly 16.000 free minded spirits travel to our events to witness what is Free Your Mind. Our home is located on the Stadsblokken Arnhem. This remarkable location under one of the most famous bridges of Europe gives the festival a unique vibe. Immerse yourself in nature, explore the woods and roam the beaches that are surrounded by the picturesque Rhine River. Marvel at the industrial contours of the John Frost Bridge and the stage that lies beneath it. Relish in the combination of music, good company, beverages, arts and all the good things life has to offer.


Free Your Mind, the rest is bound to follow..