FYM festival does not facilitate parking at the festival site.
We will strongly advise you to find alternative ways to travel.
If you do travel by car please find closely selected parkings:

Mobypark: Vossenstraat 6, 6811 JL Arnhem
Parkeerservice Arnhem: Langstraat 10, 6811 JA Arnhem
Parking Centraal-Stationsplein-West, 6811 KM Arnhem
Transferium P+R Arnhem-Gelredome: Batavierenweg 25, 6841 HN Arnhem


Festival dates:  4 + 5 June 2022
Address: Stadsblokkenweg, Arnhem
Opening times: 13:00 – 00:00
Available tickets: Saturday (4-6) Sunday (5-6) Weekend (4+5-6)


By foot
Yes, this is possible and we even encourage this as well! Navigate to Stadsblokkenweg 1, Arnhem if you’re traveling by foot. Follow the signs with ‘Voetganger’ and follow the instructions of the traffic wardens.

Public Transport

How do I get to FYM festival by public transport?

We recommend you to travel via Arnhem Central station if you want to travel by public transport. Arnhem Central Station is easily accessible from all across the country. You can take the bus or OV bike to the location of the event.

Until what time is it possible for me to get home when traveling by public transport?

Your time of departure depends on the location of your home. There are trains departing from Arnhem Central Station until 00.15 at least. Check 9292OV to find out the easiest way to get home from there.

Kiss and ride

I will be dropped off and/or picked up by someone, is this possible?

Yes, during FYM festival you can be dropped off and picked up by means of Kiss & Ride.

At which location can my driver drop me off?

Let the driver use ’Stadsblokkenweg, Arnhemt’ as navigation address if you’re being dropped off by Kiss & Ride. After seeing the first sign follow the signs with ‘Kiss & Ride’ and follow the instructions of the traffic wardens.

Where can my driver pick me up?

Let the driver use ‘Stadsblokkenweg, Arnhem’ as navigation address if you’re being picked up by Kiss & Ride. Also let the driver know that he/she has to follow the signs with ‘Kiss & Ride’. Walk towards the Kiss & Ride and wait here for your driver.

Is it free of charge to be dropped off and picked up?

Yes, your driver isn’t charged to drop you off or pick you up at the event.


I want to use a Taxi, is this possible?

Yes, during Free Your Mind Festival taxis can drop you off and pick you up later on.

Where can the taxi drop me off?

Let the driver use ‘Stadsblokkenweg, Arnhem’ as a navigation address if you’re traveling by Taxi. After seeing the first sign follow the signs with ‘Taxi’ or ‘Kiss & Ride’ and follow the instructions of the traffic wardens. Only taxis with a blue sign can use the taxi exit, taxis without a blue sign can drop you off at the Kiss & Ride.

Where can the taxi pick me up?

Let the Uber driver use Stadsblokkenweg, Arnhem’ as a navigation address if you want to travel home by Taxi. Also, let the driver know that he/she has to follow the signs with ‘Kiss & Ride’. Walk towards the Kiss & Ride and wait here for your Taxi. This is because ordered transportation services aren’t allowed to wait at the taxi stand.

Is the taxi stand free of charge?

Yes, taxis aren’t charged to drop you off or pick you up at the event.



Yes, there are lockers available for rent at FYM festival. In these, you can store your clothing and valuable items which you don’t want to carry around with you at all times. The lockers can be opened and closed endlessly. The use of a locker is at its own risk.

During FYM festival it’s only possible to pay with PIN, payment with cash is not possible.There will be cash-machine to transfer your cash into cashcards which will be accepted at the whole festival.


lost an item and FYM festival and would like it back, what now?

All lost & found items are collected after the festival and will be posted on Monday afternoon after the festival latest on the Facebook event page. If you recognize your lost item you can collect it at …???. For questions, you can contact

I’ve left behind something in my locker, what now?

Items that were left behind in the lockers will be taken by the rental company of the lockers (Lockerbox). Did you forget something? Fill in the ‘Lost & Found’ form on the website of Lockerbox and they will contact you.

Celebrate safe

Before the party

Check the weather forecast and look for tips under the heading ‘Weather’. Make sure you don’t bring any valuable items/leave any valuable items in your care and watch out for pickpockets. Follow the instructions of our safety staff at all times. Let the people back at home know that you’re okay with an SMS in case of an unusual situation

Sexual harassment

Sexual violence or sexual harassment is not tolerated at Free Your Mind Festival in any way. In case you feel harassed or threatened: please report this to the organization. You can do so at all the security or first-aid staff members. They will aid you and contact a superior from the organization who can further help you. All the security staff members have followed a course and know how to handle the situation. There are female security staff members present as well. At the first aid post, there are professionals you can aid you. You can also report the situation online. Sen dan e-mail to (this address isn’t monitored permanently). In the case of transgressive behavior you can also file a report with the police. The organization can assist you with this if wanted. Obviously, all notifications are treated confidentially. You can find more general info at about medical and psychological advice and about how to press charges.

Alcohol and drugs use

It’s well known that there are risks to the use of alcohol and/or drugs. But be extra careful when using alcohol and drugs at a temperature above 20 degrees Celsius. Alcohol and drugs increase the body temperature. So, if you’re dancing for a long period and drink too little the risk of overheating increases. Make sure to drink plenty of water but also not too much: 1 or 2 glasses per hour maximum. If you drink too much water in a short period there’s also the risk of water poisoning. If someone dies when using alcohol/drugs this is usually caused by overheating or water poisoning due to alcohol/drugs. So be extra careful and make sure to cool yourself down every now and then. Look out for each other and don’t leave each other’s side. Make sure to test your drugs before you visit the festival, you can’t do this at the festival itself. Visit www.drugsenuitgaan.nland for health risks and more information.

Hearing protection

Free Your Mind Festival supports the ‘I Love My Ears’ I campaign because we find it important that you will be able to enjoy good music not just now but also in 20 years from now. You should take good care of your ears because of this. You can find a number of useful and handy tips at on how to protect your ears as good as possible whilst still enjoying music. There are earplugs available at all the bars at Free Your Mind Festival.

Medical aid

Visit the first aid post if you or one of your friends is not feeling well. Don’t be scared to tell them about your use of alcohol or drugs: the better you inform them about the situation, the better they are able to help you. The medical confidentiality is applicable here as well which means we won’t press charges, so feel free to share.

After the party?

Forced and unsafe sex are more common when people are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Respect one another and check out for more information on unsafe sex. Next to this, the use of alcohol and drugs can result in concentration impaired and a lower responsiveness rate which causes you to be a danger to yourself and other road users. Make sure to stop on time and to adjust your transportation to this. And don’t forget to drink water or isotone drinks to replenish your fluids before you go to sleep.


Some visitors are already familiar with it, for others it is a new system: recycling your plastic cup at a festival. The new system takes some getting used to, but is certainly the future when it comes to sustainability and the reduction of plastic. That is why it will soon also be mandatory for festivals. How does it work?

  1.  You will receive a recycle token from Free your mind Festival upon arrival
  2. You get your drink at the bar, and pay cashless
  3.  At the bar you order a drink and pay with your debit card + 1 recycle token per cup or bottle
  4. When you have finished the drink you can hand in the cup or bottle at the bar or at the toilets for a recycle token.
    You can also hand in your cup for a new drink at the bar, you only pay for the drink
  5. When you no longer have a cup or bottle, you pay for it at the bar.
    It is a challenge to arrange this properly, among other things, more crew is deployed to separate everything behind the bars and to transport it from there. Nevertheless, Free your mind festival B.V would like to contribute to a sustainable future for The Next Generation together with you.


Due to intensive renovations it will not be possible to acces the festival terrain via the John Frost bridge during 4 + 5 June 2022.
Please follow detour signs to acces the festival.

Via bicycle or by foot the festival terrain will NOT be accessible!


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