• The minimum age for this event is 18 years. ID is required, no exceptions are made.

• Camera surveillance will be used during this event. In case of incidents, these images will be handed over by the organization to the Police Assistant Public Prosecutor)

• It is not allowed to walk in and out during the event. If this happens, a new ticket must be purchased.

• We only accept valid tickets.

• It is mandatory to cooperate with the security search and search (POV).

• Possession and carrying of nitrous oxide, weapons or objects that could pose a danger are prohibited.

• Smoking is only allowed in the open air or in the designated areas.

• Possession, dealing or use of drugs is prohibited.

• Physical or verbal abuse of other visitors and staff will not be tolerated.

• Insulting, provocative and/or offensive clothing is not allowed.

• Alcohol abuse and/or drunkenness will not be tolerated.

• Bringing your own drinks and/or food is prohibited.

• Open packaging such as deodorant, perfume bottles, etc. and pressurized aerosols is prohibited.

• The sale of services or products, flyers and other promotions around the site is not permitted without written permission from the organization. In the event of illegal promotion, all sanctions and/or cleaning costs imposed will be deposited with the relevant person/organisation.

• the organization is automatically entitled to all image and sound recordings made during the event. These recordings can be made public without (pre)announcement and without consideration.

• It is prohibited to make professional audio and video recordings for commercial purposes without prior written permission from the organization.

• The organization is entitled to remove visitors who oppose or do not adhere to the visitor regulations.

• In case of fights, all parties involved are expelled.

• Instructions from staff and security officers must be followed at all times.

• Please notify security or personnel immediately in the event of disturbances or calamities.

• In other cases not explicitly reported here, the organization will decide.

• It is forbidden to swim and/or enter the water.

• By entering the event you agree to these regulations.

• These visitor regulations can be requested at any time and consulted at the organization.

• Visitors to this event must appear well-groomed. Wearing a football shirt, discriminatory and/or otherwise offensive clothing is not allowed. It is also not allowed to wear full colors clothing of motorcycle groups (OMG).

• Visitors can be refused by the security and organization without reason.

• Laughing gas is not allowed.


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